Why I left Windows for Debian

Windows or debian?

Recently, I made a switch from windows 7 operating system to Debian 8. Friends were quite surprised because it was a major change-over; they kept wondering how I was to survive without a windows operating system given that majority of the applications that I run were native to the OS. I will like to highlight my reasons in these few lines.

First, Linux is more optimized for programming. Here is why; as a programmer, we have to commit a lot of codes to memory. This process is usually a constant process and so it comes naturally. Hence, familiarity with the linux OS itself will ultimately mean stuff can be carried out faster from the terminal than the point and go processes in windows and its variants. Learning terminal commands are synonymous to learning a new programming language’s syntax.

Second, Linux program’s are usually from a centralized repository (for example, Software Center in Ubuntu) and relatively small in size but usually very efficient.

Also, one is at liberty to fully customize how the entire system would look like, and there is even a distro of linux that allows you to select individual components of the OS during the installation.

And back to debian, I chose debian because it has a wide user base and just in case one runs into any issues, there’s possibility of getting solutions from various forums available online, compared to Kali. Ubuntu would have been a better choice but then it is much more gui oriented compared to its ancestor debian.

Lastly, to fully enjoy the power of Linux, one has to learn the most basic of the terminal language and advance as requirements arises.


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